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It will be cold at 4.30 a.m. when we all meet up at the steps of the Garden from the Forecourt of Killruddery House. Cold + Dark - you should dress warmly and wear good shoes - perhaps you will be clutching a warm flask. We will gather in the dark and the gloom will envelope us, momentarily. We will quietly say hello to one another in awe of the night. After a memorable ‘age’, one bird will call, announcing mornings rays, that will encourage us, another call and slowly two or three more, Justin will begin to point out who’s who. Morning’s rays will follow quickly and before we know it we will be off round the garden and into the farm walking, watching and listening to the birds - and to Justin as he points out the various tunes. 

We love this annual pilgrimage of the birds and we think you will too. If you’ve been before welcome back and if you have not been before - prepare to be charmed, either way book quickly as this fills up fast! We will complete the morning with a breakfast at the Tea Room around 7 or 7.30. There will be lovely coffee and breakfast items and by 8.30 you can decide whether its home to bed or to face the day with just a little less sleep, either way with a head full of the Dawn Chorus - See you there! Our special thanks to Justin who does this event annually for the joy of it as a volunteer.


  • This is a Killruddery Members event only. For more information or to become a Killruddery Member, click here.

  • Please arrive at 04.00AM to the forecourt of Killruddery House

  • The walk will start at 04.30AM

  • Please wear warm, weather appropriate clothing 

  • Breakfast will be served from the Tea Room at 07.30AM

  • Please allow plenty of time to arrive, park in the forecourt where we will be meeting


Seasonal Supper Club - Everything perfect from beginning to end, atmospheric setting, wonderful staff and service, the food was so fresh and full of flavour and presented so well, a credit to the head chef Niall, whose visit to each table also made it special. A credit to the whole team, we will definitely be back.

Stephen, Wicklow