Membership T&Cs


Please read through our Terms & Conditions carefully before purchasing or renewing your annual Killruddery Membership.


  • To purchase a Killruddery Membership and Membership card, you must be photographed for identification. Your image will be attached to your Membership. You must bring your Membership Card with you when you wish to gain access to the Gardens. Without your card you (and your guests) will have to pay full entry price

  • Your Membership Card validates unlimited admission to our Gardens during open season from the day of purchase. You will receive a ‘Soon to Expire’ email or letter from us to remind you to renew your Membership when the time comes around

  • We have three Killruddery Membership packages – Gold Finch, Silver Fir or Copper Beech. Gold Finch costs €120 and allows a Member to invite up to five guests per visit. Silver Fir costs €100 and allows a Member to invite up to three guests per visit. Copper Beech costs €80 and allows a Member to invite up to one guest per visit. Please note, a guest is both an adult or child over four years of age. Garden admission tickets: Adults: €10.50, 12-18 year olds: €9.50, 4-12 year olds: €4.00, under 4 years old: FREE

  • Your Membership Card can be held by a household, with two card holder names and one address on the Membership. Proof of address is required for both named persons

  • Membership Cards are non-transferable and the Member - card holder(s) -must be present at all times to accompany guests into the Gardens or on the Farm Roads

  • Loss of card: A charge of €10 is applicable for the issue of replacement cards within your 12 month Membership, so please take care of your card. The same charge applies if you wish to have the details on the card changed from what was originally on your application form

  • Your Killruddery Membership can be renewed annually, and you will not require a new Membership Card each year


Please note, parking + admission to Killruddery Yard (which houses The Grain Store, our Dairy Yard Coffee Shop, Farm Shop & Killruddery Wood-Fired Pizza) is free.


  • GARDEN OPEN SEASON – April – October

  • Our Gardens are open Tuesday – Sunday (with the exception of Bank Holiday Mondays), April & October from 09.30 – 17.00 (last entries at 16.00), and 1st May - 30th September, 09.30 – 18.00 (last entries at 17.00)

  • Dogs may not be brought into the Gardens but may be walked on a lead on the Farm Roads, only guide dogs may visit the House & Gardens

  • There is no access into the Gardens other than by the official Garden Entrance Shop

  • Special events taking place throughout the year may require closing access to some or all of the Gardens and/or the Farm. Please check our website and social media (@killruddery), for the latest information

  • Social events at Killruddery may carry their own admission charge. Where possible, Members are eligible for discounted House tours. Please refer to our website or make an enquiry by emailing

  • The management reserve the right to refuse entry


  • Our Farm Roads are open during the winter: 1st November – 31st March, 08.00 – 17.00, and during the summer: 1st April - 31st October, 07.00 – 21.00

  • Please note: There is strictly no access to the Farm Roads on Wednesdays and Saturdays from the beginning of November – 15th February during the shoot

  • Access to the Farm Roads is part of your Membership and you may be asked to show your card on the Farm Roads. Access to public areas in Killruddery is strictly prohibited outside these opening hours

  • No vehicles are allowed beyond the designated car parks

  • No adult bicycles are permitted beyond the car parks


  • Children must be supervised at all times. We work tirelessly to protect and nurture our Gardens, so please enjoy our landscapes mindfully

  • Please do not pick flowers, shrubs or take cuttings

  • Please observe the notices within our Gardens and on the Farm

  • Picnics are only allowed in our Picnic & Play area in the Walled Garden, the Wilderness Village & Bowling Green. We regret that picnics are not allowed anywhere else – except on certain event days in the Gardens

  • Killruddery does not accept liability for any loss or injury whilst on the Estate

  • Beware there are deep water features in our Gardens and children must be supervised at all times


  • Killruddery is a working farm so we ask all our visitors to take appropriate precautions to ensure their own safety and the safety of others. Do not approach farm machinery, buildings and fields and keep to the roads on the Farm

  • We’re delighted to be able to welcome you to our Estate but please note that all WCs for Members are based in the Stable Yards

  • Please be aware that during winter and at any time following heavy rain, roads can become very wet and muddy. Appropriate footwear is essential at these times, with wellington boots highly recommended. There is a programme of works to improve the surface of the roads

  • There are approximately 14km of roads accessible within Killruddery Estate, which covers an area of over 800 acres

  • Please note that parking is at your own risk, the management will not accept responsibility for any damage, accident or loss

  • You can download a Members maps here

  • It is particularly important that you keep to Farm Roads. It is crucial in our wildlife estate as there are areas where birds and other species may be breeding. Our grazing animals also need space from humans and dogs, especially during the breeding and mating seasons

  • Be aware that roads are used by farm machinery and estate vehicles. If you hear a vehicle approaching (from behind) or see a vehicle (coming towards you) please move to the side (when it is safe) and acknowledge to the driver that you have seen them so they may pass safely. Please note that if you are using headphones do not be offended if the driver beeps their horn in order to let you know they are there

  • Also note that well-worn paths created by the animals and humans alike, are not Farm Roads

  • If farm animals are on the road and look unwilling to move, simply go around them, giving them a wide berth

  • Animals on the Farm are not pets so please don’t pet or feed them

  • Do not open closed gates

  • Keep dogs on a lead or under control at all times, and on no account allow them to chase the animals

  • Take particular care to avoid stags and bucks during the rutting season (late September through October) when testosterone levels are high and their flight distance is considerably reduced. Don’t be tempted to get close to photograph them

  • Take particular care not to get between a mother and her offspring, human and animal alike!

  • On no account pick up or approach a fawn, piglet, lamb or calf even if it appears to have been abandoned. The mother knows exactly where her offspring is and will return. Leaving it hidden in long grass or in a ditch or thicket while she goes off to graze with the herd elsewhere is her way of drawing predators away from a newborn

  • If you are genuinely concerned, by all means call the Estate Office to make us aware on (0)1 286 3405


* Killruddery observes the right to change or amend these Terms & Conditions without notice

 By purchasing your Membership, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to be bound by these Terms & Conditions.