• A Hearty Tale: Sir William Brabazon

    In 1534, Sir William Brabazon was sent to Ireland by Henry VIII to ‘establish the King’s authority’. Only his heart returned. READ MORE

  • Charles I Reign: William the 1st Earl of Meath

  • Great Rebellion. The house is destroyed in a fire and rebuilt six years later by the 2nd Earl of Meath

  • Edward, the 2nd Earl, Drowns At Sea

    Edward, who established the first family home at Killruddery, was a passenger on the HMV ‘Mary’ which was shipwrecked off Beaumaurice in Anglesey in 1675 during a voyage to England. READ MORE

  • William 3rd Earl of Meath

  • William employs Monsieur Bonet to work on the gardens at Kilruddery

    William employed Monsieur Bonet, supposedly trained at Versailles, to work on the Gardens at Killruddery. He creates the surviving French-Baroque gardens, comprising the Angles (a patte d’oie), the Long Ponds, the Sylvan Theatre, Lime Walks and the Beech Hedge Pond. READ MORE

  • EXTRACT: Letter from Oliver Cheyney, agent to the 3rd Earl of Meath, 1682

    “I went on Friday last to receive you remainders of rents in the county of Wicklow and lay at Killruddery two nights… READ MORE

  • Edward 4th Earl of Meath

  • Penal Laws / Battle of the Boyne

  • Chambre 5th Earl of Meath. The Pleasure Garden & Cherry Garden are developed.

  • First Jacobite Rebellion. Chaworth 6th Earl of Meath. The Garden’s Wilderness is developed.

  • The Killruddery Hunt

    Thomas Mozeen was an English actor, writer and keen huntsman - with a penchant for excessive drinking. He lived in Dublin for two years in the 1740s and was well known to the 6th Earl of Meath… READ MORE

  • The 6th Earl of Meath becomes patron of the Meath Hospital

    The institution was founded by four surgeons to care for the sick and poor of ‘the Liberties’, an area that fell under the Brabazon’s ownership. READ MORE

  • Edward 7th Earl of Meath

    The 7th Earl followed up on his brother’s hospital patronage by laying the foundation stone for a new general hospital in the Coombe district in 1770. Originally called, "The Meath Hospital and County Dublin Infirmary", it was renamed the Coombe Women’s Hospital in 1993. READ MORE

  • Anthony 8th Earl of Meath

  • French Revolution : Napoleonic Wars

    William 9th Earl of Meath died in a fatal duel with Captain Robert Gore of the Mount Kennedy Corps. READ MORE

  • Chambre 10th Earl of Meath

  • Queen Victoria's reign

    The 10th Earl carried out an extensive reconstruction of Killruddery House between 1820 and 1830... READ MORE

  • Sir Walter Scott And Saint Ronan’s Well

    The amazing vistas and special features of Killruddery’s 17th Century formal and informal Gardens inspired a ‘comedy of manners’ novel by Sir Walter Scott… READ MORE

  • "The demesne of Kilruddery [sic] occupies a narrow valley..."

    "The demesne of Kilruddery [sic] occupies a narrow valley, which separates the mountain termed the Smaller Sugarloaf from the promontory called Bray Head, and is marked by many circumstances of great natural beauty... READ MORE

  • Great Famine. William 11th Earl of Meath.

  • My tiara for an Orangery

    The beautiful Orangery at Killruddery, originally built with a curvilinear glass roof, was allegedly financed by family jewels... READ MORE

  • Family Trees

    “Memories growing, ring on ring…” Sylvia Plath… READ MORE

  • Reginald 12th Earl of Meath

  • Edward VII 1901-1910. The Water Clock at Killruddery is completed

  • John Moore-Brabazon: Pigs Can Fly

    The first pig to fly was carried into the sky by John Moore-Brabazon in his personal French-built Voisin aeroplane... READ MORE

  • 1st World War

  • Easter Rising

  • The Treaty 1922. Normand 13th Earl of Meath.

    The Clock Tower in the forecourt houses a water clock designed and constructed by Normand. The pendulum is powered by a jet of water, truly a free pendulum. READ MORE

  • George VI. 2nd World War 1939. Anthony 14th Earl of Meath

  • Queen Elizabeth II

    Following an outbreak of dry-rot at Killruddery, Anthony collaborated with the architect Claude Phillimore to dismantle and reconstruct a large part of the 19th century house... READ MORE

  • John (Jack) 15th Earl of Meath (1998)

  • The Gardens at Killruddery are under restoration and the Orangery re-roofed; the marble statues are restored

  • The Clock Tower is restored

  • The Pit House is restored and the Grain Store and Old Farm Yard