Facilities Assistant

Job Description 2020 Facilities Assitant

Responsible To: Team & Shift Leaders

Role Summary:

You wil be responsible for assisting with the smooth running of the facilities of the premises during events and day to day operation. This will include set up and break down of banqueting, wedding ceremonies, receptions. You will be required to perform a number of tasks related the facility maintenance of areas which can include cleaning, of restrooms, carparks and other public areas around the estate. To contribute to the administration of the day to day paperwork required for your department.

Main areas of responsibility

  • To ensure that areas of responsibility are safe, clean, operational and well maintained.

  • To ensure events spaces our set up, furnished as per event sheets.

  • To ensure all WC’s on the estate including our public, Grain Store, offices, Studio and Main House are clean, operational, replenished and checked prior to opening and at closure each day.

  • To ensure that the ambience on premises (lights, music and temperature) are controlled.

  • To fix and/or report defective materials and equipment to Management/ Maintenance.

  • To ensure a consistently high level of security is well maintained throughout the premises.


  • To have a full understanding of Fire and Emergency procedures.

  • To support the company by complying with waste management and monitory energy efficiency.


  • To ensure all WC checklists are filled, monitored and completed on a daily basis.
  • To ensure that any maintenance issues within the premises are rectified on a daily basis, prioritising based on public usage.
  • To ensure that all maintenance issues are logged and to follow up with relevant department when required or relevant contractor.
  • To gather refuse from the estate grounds including farm, gardens, farm market and public car park areas, including non-specified areas used for events.
  • To ensure energy-saving at all times.
  • Set-up and break down of public & private events in accordance with weekly event sheets including arranging & removing decorations, tables, chairs, ladders and scaffolding and follow approriate corresponding SOP’s.
  • To ensure guests safety by eliminating potential risks and hazards.
  • To allocate, manage and utilise storage of cleaning resources.
  • To be fully trained in the handling of all cleaning substances and materiels used on the estate and how to use them accordingly in order to prevent damage to KEEL property and personnel.
  • Monitor building security and safety by ensuring doors are locked after use and access to open areas is limited out of hours.
  • To ensure the Stable Studio is consistently presentable both prior and following events held within on direction from your manager.
  • To support the Operations department in maintaining the standards of seating and cleanliness at our Tea Room & Walled Garden through replacing refuse bags, removing stray refuse, cleaning furniture & fixtures and assisting with Thursday Supper Club set-up.
  • o support the Entrance Shop Team with feedback received and immediate action required on an ad hoc basis.




Secondary level education

Qualification in structural engineering

1 years in a similar role

Vocational qualification in a trade (plumbing, maintenence, electrics, carpentary)

Competencies (Behaviour & Attributes):

Organisational skills, communication, attention to detail, ability to follow and prioritise work lists, cost conscious, honest, confidential