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Thank you so much for considering joining Killruddery's Membership programme. We hope that you will join and come visit us often. Here are some of our most commonly asked questions about Memberships. If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to get in touch, you can email: and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Can my partner/spouse visit Killruddery using my Membership?

Your partner/spouse/a second adult can have a card on your Membership. Only one such named person with a card issued to your account can visit Killruddery using your Membership. Your Membership is not transferable.

In order to avail of this second card you must provide proof of address to verify that the second adult lives in the same house hold. (We will not keep a copy of this proof, but the member of staff issuing the card will need to see it).


Do my children count as guests?

People over 4 years old count in your guest allowance. People under 4 years old are free once accompanied by an adult.

(We suggest if you are bringing extra guests, that you use your Membership to cover the adults (€8.50) and pay the entrance fee for the kids (€3.00).


Can I buy a Membership as a gift?

Yes, you can buy a gift at the Entrance Shop and they will issue you a gift pack including a Membership form or you can do so online, and give the confirmation to the recipient.

If you have received a temporary card you must present this to our Staff in the Entrance Shop upon first entry and they will replace it with a permanant Membership card.

*Please note: A gift Membership is not activated until the day the receiver activates their membership at the Membership Desk. They will receive one full year of membership from this day so there is no harm in purchasing ahead of the date you intend to give it to them!


I am bringing some friends to Killruddery but we are not all going to be here at the same time. Can I leave their name at the desk?

The Member must be present in order for the guests to be allowed in the garden. If you are already here, you will have to come and get them. If you are on the way, they will have to wait outside the garden for you to get here (or they can pay the regular entrance fee in). Unfortunately, our staff cannot manage guest lists at the door for your visitors, nor can we allow any visitors in the garden without the fee being paid in advance.


How do I get a Killruddery Membership?

You can purchase a Membership online or at the Garden Entrance.

If you purchased online, please have your booking email on your phone (no need to print) and we will get your card issued. Please be aware that if your first visit is at a very busy time, you may be issued with a temporary card, and your card will be printed on your next visit.


Do Killruddery Members get discounts on events at Killruddery?

Killruddery Members get discounts on a number of events in the Killruddery calendar and several of them are free to Members. Some events, because of cost constraints or because they are being run by outside parties, are not subject to a discount. You can check our programme online for more information.


Do I need my card with me to visit?

We ask that all Members carry their Membership cards on their person when they are visiting Killruddery.

If you are walking on the Estate and don't have it with you, you may be asked to leave.

If you are looking to gain entry to the Garden, you may experience delays in gaining entry and cause delays for others.


Can my friend use my card?

Your Membership is not transferrable. Thank you and enjoy your Killruddery Membership!


A full list of our Membership terms and conditions can be viewed here. 

We are delighted that you are buying a Membership. When you decide to join Killruddery and order your Membership please, bring your confirmation email to the Membership Desk in the Entrance Shop at Killruddery and we will issue you with your card. You don't need to print the confirmation, on your phone is ideal (save the paper!). We take your photo so we need you to be present when your card is being issued. Alternatively, you can email a clear photo of yourself to and we will print your card ahead of your arrival. See our FAQ below for more information.

If you would like a second card holder on your account you must bring proof of address that verifies that you both live in the same household. We will not be able to issue the second card without that. 


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